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I Don't Speak German

Dec 21, 2022

A real treat this time, as Daniel and Jack are joined by special guest Sophie from Mars to talk about Caleb Maupin and the wider 'Conspiracy Left', i.e. those left-wingers (or pseudo left-wingers) who style themselves anti-imperialists (etc) and who embrace every bad cause from Putin/Assad-apologia to transphobia to conspiracist antisemitism. 

Sophie knows and understands this subject backwards and forwards.  Her YouTube documentary video Conspiracy on the Left was an instant classic when it was released earlier this year, and she has lots of other videos in which (with others) she goes over Maupin's cultic conferences, his reactionary politics, his paranoid grudges, and his weird and patronising fascist screeds disguised as despatches from the new Lenin.

A great chat about an important issue for the left to deal with.  And there is also, you will be unsurprised to learn, some laughing at the cringe of it all.

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Sophie from Mars on YouTube Sophie from Mars - YouTube

Sophie from Mars on Twitter Sophie 💅 From 💅 Mars (@sophie_frm_mars) / Twitter

Conspiracy on the Left

Reading Caleb Maupin's "Satan At The Fountainhead" with Thoughtslime, We're In Hell & That Jess - YouTube

Reading Caleb Maupin's Breadtube Serves Imperialism ft. That Jess & ThoughtSlime - YouTube

Caleb Maupin exposed for abuses and cult manipulation tactcs - YouTube

Pinko & Mildred watch Caleb Maupin addressing the allegations - YouTube