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I Don't Speak German

Feb 27, 2023

Daniel and Jack return with a bumper episode.  We start with Steven Crowder's declaration of hostilities against Shapiro and his organisation The Daily Wire, and from there we move through the various reactions on the far Right, from Elijah Schaffer to John Doyle to Isabelle Riley Moody to Nick Fuentes, and more.  This episode is less about the Crowder vs. Shapiro spat and more about how it opens a window into the rampant and increasingly mainstreamed antisemitism on the Right.  

This episode comes with heavy content warnings.  Daniel has done a ton of research and come back with a panoply of sniggering horrors.  Jack has bleeped out the r-slurs and f-slurs.  But still, take care.

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Episode Notes:

Sydney Watson complaint against The Blaze

Patriot J Twitter thread regarding Sydney Watson lawsuit

Killstream on Sydney Watson lawsuit

Steven Crowder, I'm Leaving the Blaze (December 15, 2022)

Steven Crowder, It's Time To Stop (January 17, 2023)

The Daily Wire Announces ‘Jeremy’s Razors’ Campaign as Part of Feud with Harry’s Razors

“ On Tuesday, March 22, Jeremy Boreing, co-founder, co-CEO and self-described “god-king” of the conservative website The Daily Wire, announced the launch of Jeremy’s Razors, part of a campaign against Harry’s razors. Harry’s is a popular men’s grooming company that pulled advertising from The Daily Wire one year ago after receiving a complaint on Twitter that some of The Daily Wire’s podcast hosts had engaged in homophobic speech.


Jeremy’s Razors is the culmination of an “I Hate Harry’s” campaign announced last week by Boreing and Ben Shapiro, a conservative media figure and editor emeritus at The Daily Wire.”

Jeremy Boering, Our Offer to Steven Crowder (January 18, 2023)

Jet Lag The Game Season Three Playlist

Slightly Offensive, CONNED?! Daily Wire RESPONDS To Crowder in BIZARRE 52 min RANT

Nicholas J. Fuentes DEATH CON 2: Crowder's MUG CLUB Declares TOTAL WAR Against Jewish Media | America First Ep. 1111

John Doyle goes off on AF and NICK FUENTES. Total War IMMINENT????? (January 9, 2022)

I'm Doing Great, Do LGBT Kids EXIST? (January 24, 2023)

Matt Bernstein tells us what his handle means

Isabella Reilly, SATANIC Feminist Says "Dead Men Can't RAPE"?? WTF

Jimmy Dore's 'Very Pro-Employer' Work Contracts (