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I Don't Speak German

Nov 2, 2020

In this episode, after a little roundup of podcast recs, Daniel (finally) tells Jack all about the latest venture by Mike Enoch and the TRS: the National Justice Party.  We listen in on their founding meeting in a barn and learn the *other* problem with the GOP according to Enoch's audience.  Then we check in on Richard Spencer to see what he thinks about it all.  Finally, Daniel gives Jack a short, improvised tutorial on the concept of... pardon us... 'Finkelthink', which Jack finds unwarrantedly confusing.  Fun times.  Election?  What election would that be officer?

Content Warnings

Show Notes / Links:

Correction: In the episode, Daniel mistakenly says TRS has moved to Lancaster, PA.  It's actually Greely.

Embrace The Void Podcast:

Woking Up Episode 1:

Decoding the Gurus:

ALAB Liberate Michigan:

National Justice Party Website:

NJP Founding Speech, August 15, 2020:

Thread from Antifascist Alligator on the known NJP members:

Howard Graves and Michael Edison Hayden, "White Nationalist Organization Forms Racist, Antisemitic Political Party"

NJP Founding Speech, August 15, 2020:

Full Haus Episode 60: National Justice Party:

Hunter Wallace and Richard Spencer on Third Parties: (Not available, because Spencer got all his shit deplatformed)