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I Don't Speak German

Apr 1, 2021

In Part 2 of our investigation of Heather Heying's (of the extended IDW, and the Dark Horse Podcast with husband Bret Weinstein) descent from sociobiology into outright TERFery, we get to the really nasty shit.

Content Warnings for venomous, hardcore transphobia, albeit couched in an ostensibly reasonable tone.

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Dark Horse Podcast

Dark Horse Clips

Cass Eris on Irreversible Damage, Part One

Ty Turner, trans man named as terrible influencer in Irreversible Damage, talks about the book.

The Torment and Tragedy of Teenage Girls (letterwiki between Heying and Shrier)

Lisa Littman paper on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria.

ROGD paper criticism

The news report Bret & Heather read from