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I Don't Speak German

May 25, 2023

By way of a little compensation for you while you wait (patiently, bless you) for us to get our shit back together (which we are in the process of doing) here is a little bonus, a slightly edited recording of a Twitter space that we did with our friend Eiynah Mohammed-Smith (@NiceMangos) on 12th May last. 

We chat about the coronation of Prince Charles (that's his name goddammit!), the revolting sexist discourse around E. Jean Carroll's suit against Trump, and the equally revolting discourse from deniers and obfuscators around the deadly shooting in Allen, Texas, with special reference to the bullshit about his ethnicity.  Other subjects come up, naturally.  Some interesting people took part and made great contributions. 

Hope you enjoy it.  See you soon.