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I Don't Speak German

Feb 21, 2024

Our latest X Space with our friend Eiynah Muhammed Smith. (@nicemangos (2) Eiynah ( — Bluesky )

Discussing the dystopian propaganda around Israel's ongoing genocidal assault on Gaza, from racist Twitter 'hasbara' to IDF TikTok / Insta, to Israeli influencers' skits about Palestinians faking...

Feb 16, 2024

Part 2 of our epic Dark Knight chat.  Since we spent the entirety of the last one moaning about the technical shortcomings of Christopher Nolan's 2008 Batman vs the Joker movie, this time we - being who we are - felt the need to spend this episode moaning about the themes and politics and ideology.  And so we did....

Jan 31, 2024

To whet your appetite for our intended imminent return, here's an old bonus episode - the first part of a long conversation Daniel and Jack had back in October 2021 about Christopher Nolan's bloated, pretentious, ramshackle, reactionary Batman vs the Joker movie from 2008.

Originally available only for patrons, from...

Oct 29, 2023

Oooooo-wooooo!  Wokeness is Scary!

In this little Halloween bonus, Jack joins friend of the pod Eiynah Mohammed-Smith, and Dr Caitilin Green, for a special spooky space over at cursed nazi chan board X.  Recorded October 27th 2023.  Please excuse the usual sound quality issues.

We talk about right-wing and IDW-type...

Oct 4, 2023

Just Jack, talking about Elon Musk, X/Twitter, the nazis, and where we are now.

Content Warnings.

This episode is largely based on the work of Marisa Kabas at The Handbasket.  Great stuff.  Go, read, subscribe.