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I Don't Speak German

Jan 11, 2022

And so we kick off 2022, IDSG's fourth year, with an episode about the Denver shooter and self-published SF novelist (who put himself and his own murder plans in his own books) Lyndon McCleod, AKA Roman McClay, and his relationship to the infamous 'Manosphere', AKA a network of misogynistic and 'masculinist' fashy chudlingers like Jack Murphy, Jack Davenport, etc.  We follow up a bit on our last episode (Part 1 of our post-verdict Rittenhouse coverage) and drop back in on the nauseating You Are Here podcast, and Baldy McDickface's Tim Pool's show, as we explore the recent flap around Jack Murphy's 'Cuck Letter' (don't ask... well, just listen), before delving a tad into McCleod/McClay's fiction and his worldview, including some hardcore stoopid genetic determinism.  Lots going on in this one, and so we're issuing bigtime content warnings, not least for the recorded voice of a multiple murderer.

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Episode Notes/Links 

CBS Denver, "Denver Couple Shares Moments Lyndon McLeod tried to kill them"

You Are Here, Buzzfeed Vax-Only Event Becomes "Super-Spreader"

Cuckold Rage -- Jack Murphy's Freak Out at Sydney Watson

Sydney Watson, Addressing the Incident

Timcast IRL 22DEC2021

Jack Murphy Live Liminal Order

Jack Murphy, Cultivating Erotic Energy From a Surprising Source

  • Today I sent my adoring loyal hot young girlfriend of two years to have sex with a stranger from tinder. She is currently at his apartment, checked in with me via text and is presumably sucking and fucking her way to a good time.
  • I’m alone writing.
  • Couldn’t be happier.
  • Now before you write me off as another freak who wants to be a cuckold or some kind of spineless beta under male, hear me out. This has been a long road. My manhood is intact and my dick is hard.


  • It is suspended disbelief. This disbelief allows us to create a gap to close. It creates space for desire to reach out to the other person. Role playing stranger rape puts us into different personas for the moment, creating mystery danger and desire. Ie. its fucking hot.
  • Matt from Tinder helps us to introduce another element which requires suspended disbelief. Just like my girlfriend knows I could nor ever would actually rape her, I too know that my girlfriend is not going to leave me for some guy she met on tinder today to fuck.
  • The entire experience is regimented according to my rules. I introduced her to the idea. I pushed it. I told her to go on Tinder and find someone. On the day in question, I tell her when and where to do it. She checks in with me via text. I know where she is and I am waiting for her. She is not alone. She is on a mission sent directly by me. And the entire point is for me to get turned on in a way that wouldn’t happen otherwise.
  • The excitement, eustress, and anticipation put me in a different state. I get turned on knowing someone else wants my girl as badly as I do. Yes, I get turned on knowing she is fucking someone else.
  • We’ve done it together where we picked up a guy at a bar, took him home and I watched them have sex. Or we’ve brought a guy from craig’s list over and I took pictures as he banged her.
  • This time, I just sent her on her way and gave myself time to write and relax, knowing that exceptional sex awaits upon reunion. The time she spends with the other guy, isn’t really hers alone. Its ours. Its mine. Its her acting out my ideas.
  • Her behavior is manifestation of my will.

Rod Dreher, The American Conservative, Queer as Volk

  • It turns out that back in 2015, Murphy, who now sells himself and his masculinist advisory services as an extreme chad, wrote a piece extolling the erotic pleasure of being a beta cuck. You can find this online; I’m not going to link to it. Some Redditors got busy digging, and found that Murphy and his girlfriend had acted in a self-made porn broadcast back in 2019 (Murphy admitted this on Twitter today). In the film, there is apparently a sequence in which the super-masculine Murphy impales himself with a plastic phallus, while simultaneously pleasuring himself. This is not a rumor, alas; I stumbled across the image online, and can’t unsee it.

Denver Post, Denver gunman's novels named real-life victims, described similar attacks

  • McLeod named both Alicia Cardenas and Michael Swinyard as murder victims in his novels. Cardenas, 44, and Swinyard, 67, were both killed in Monday’s shooting spree.
  • Police believe McLeod killed Swinyard inside his home at One Cheesman Place, an apartment building in the 1200 block of Williams Street. A property manager for the building told residents in an email that McLeod wore tactical gear, a police logo and a badge when he entered the building.
  • In McLeod’s first novel, “Lyndon MacLeod” wears police gear and kills a character named “Michael Swinyard” at his apartment on Williams Street. The character in the book also kills other people in the building and robs them. The character has a list of people he wants to kill and considers some to be more important than others.
  • “The murders were like food in the belly, like wine at rest on the tongue,” the first book reads. “Killing people nourished the soul.”

Heavy, Lyndon McLeod aka Roman McClay: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Wineberserkers forum, Have you dealt with LJ McLeod

Matthew Kriner, H. E. Upchurch, and W. Aaron, Global Network on Extremism and Technology, Examining the Denver Shooter's Ideological Views

Shane Burley and Alexander Reid Ross, Bellingcat, How the Denver Shooter’s Digital Trail Exposes the Violent Fantasies of the ‘Manosphere’

Left Cost Right Watch, Nazis Made a Murder Calendar and Counterterror Analysts are Helping Spread It

Mack Lamoureux, Vice News, Tattoo Parlor Killer Named His Victims in VIolent, Misogynist Novels

Albion's Seed at Wikipedia

American Nations at Wikipedia

Jack Donovan interviews Roman McClay Jack Donovan Interviews Roman McClay (

On John Goldman (Jack Murphy) D.C. Charter School Board Investigating Senior Employee For Alleged Alt-Right Links – WAMU

McLeod's weird tweet about Yankee genes (5) Jack Three on Twitter: "Americans have been sold the lie that a Connecticut Yankee and a Western outlaw are the same because they're both 'white.' Nothing could be more wrong (genetically speaking). From Billy the Kid (McCarty) to The Hell's Angels, the Ulster & Highland Scots are not American" / Twitter

Jefferson Davis' speech to House Chamber, Mississippi Capitol, December 26, 1862 Jefferson Davis' Speech at Jackson, Miss. | The Papers of Jefferson Davis | Rice University