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I Don't Speak German

Sep 11, 2019

More on the Siege Pill and the Siegepillers this week. 

Content Warning. 


Transcript of last week's episode



Show Notes:

SIEGE at the Internet Archive:

James Mason at the SPLC: at the Internet Archive:

Atomwaffen Division at the SPLC:

PBS and ProPublica, "Documenting Hate, New American Nazis":

"Cleaning Out My Closet," Joachim Hoch (aka Seth Wallace):

Angry White Men, "Heel Turn Network Founder Seth Wallace Embraces Christchurch Shooter In Recent Livestream"

Angry White Men, "White Nationalists Have Been Quietly Collecting Donations Through A Livestreaming Site."

Chris Cantwell Bowlcast image:

Chris Cantwell, "Sorry For Spam Posts."

Chris Cantwell on the Killstream 20190226 (doxxes "Mosin Nagant"):

Vic Mackey threatens an antifascist on the Bowlcast:

"But as I was saying normally I would advocate to the death against even touching one of those Yentas or anything like that. But I'll tell you if it's like locked in a room it's go time. I'll tell you in Roblox that would be getting the pistol whip and it would be getting the Bowl.


"You still have to be really hard. It would be really hard not to do it though. I mean normally because they repulse me and I would never even want to copulate with one of those creatures but it would be really hard not to just seeing the fear in its eyes like a shriveled up battered Yenta just seeing like a disappearing desk wetting itself and just an abject terror."

The Gas Station Bitchute:

"Sir88" aka Conor Climo messages on Unicorn Riot.

"Sir88" shares propaganda from the National Socialist Liberation Front:

HuffPost, "Over 40 People Have Been Arrested As Potential Mass Shooters Since El Paso."

Nate Thayer on Atomwaffen:

Nate Thayer on Cody William Moreash, former leader of AWD:

Nate Thayer, "Help Me Identify Nazi White Supremacist "Vic Mackey."

Angry White Men, "Patrick Little and Paul Nehlen are Feuding Over How to Start a Race War."

Goy Talk Twitter:

"Southern Dingo" on Twitter: