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I Don't Speak German

Feb 14, 2020

A classic, back-to-basics, oldskool episode in which Daniel tells Jack all about a very nasty (and racist trivia-obsessed) specimen, Michael J. Thompson, who chooses to (sometimes) go by the online alias 'Paul Kersey', which is the name of Charles Bronson's character in Death Wish... y'know, the movie in which a middle-class architect becomes a serial killer, and murders loads of poor petty-criminals, and he's the hero.

Content Warnings within Content Warnings for this one.


"Hiding in Plain Sight, the White Nationalist Who Toiled Inside a Right Wing Media Powerhouse."

"Hiding in Plain Sight, the White Nationalist Who Toiled Inside a Right Wing Media Powerhouse." (Right Wing Watch)

Jason Wilson, The Guardian, "Paul Kersey/Michael J. Thompson White Nationalist Report."

"A new report has revealed that a prominent white nationalist author, activist and podcaster known as “Paul Kersey” has in fact worked for more than a decade at mainstream conservative institutions and media outlets under his real name.

According to an investigation by the not-for-profit media outlet Right Wing Watch (RWW), the man who has worked under the Kersey pseudonym is in fact Michael J Thompson.

The Guardian has uncovered additional material that supports reporting by RWW, and further indicates Thompson’s role in moulding rightwing activists from a position near the heart of America’s most influential conservative institutions.

The RWW investigation, published on Monday, reveals the work of “Paul Kersey”, whom it calls a “barely underground member of the white nationalist movement” and a fixture on the roster of racist media outlets and campaign groups.

But it also shows that Thompson worked under his own name at institutions like the Leadership Institute, its media arm Campus Reform, and WND, formerly World Net Daily, a once-popular conspiracy-minded conservative outlet, as late as November 2018.

It also shows how his WND position allowed him to move in professional circles that included white nationalists, writers from Breitbart and the Daily Caller and prominent Donald Trump supporters including Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiec."

Campus Reform Homepage:

Current "Stuff Black People Don't Like" at Unz Review.

Stuff Black People Don't Like, January 18, 2010 from the Internet Archive:

"From a biological standpoint, Haitians who practice voodoo and the art of zombiism, have an ally in Wade Davis as he has done extensive research in Haitian voodoo and penned numerous volumes on the subject. In Passage of Darkness: the Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie and Serpent and the Rainbow, Davis discusses the uses of certain chemical compounds to create hallucinogens and neurotoxins capable of inducing the effects of death only to allow the “zombie” to awake later.

The botanical secrets and the chemical compound formulas that create zombies are known only by the Haitian Voodoo priests, but the mysterious origins behind zombies haven’t dissuaded others from inventing their own.

George Romero of “The Night of the Living Dead” fame is credited with inventing the modern-zombie in the United States, but he owes much to the 1930s film “White Zombie”, which was appropriately set in Haiti.

We have discussed the historical nature of zombies, as the idea originated in Haiti and there, witch-doctors practiced (and still do) a form of Black magic that “can” reanimate corpses.

In the United States however, zombies take on a much different connotation, for we view them as the true undead brought back to life, consuming as much live human flesh in the process, thereby spreading the zombie virus further. Zombies - in America - are a plague that must be eradicated."

Romero, who has made a fine living directing zombie films, cast a Black person as the main protagonist in his first zombie film “Night of the Living Dead” and has since positively shown Black people in that films many sequels, most notably in the late 1970s “Dawn of the Dead.”

It is obvious to all Black people, that Romero knows the true history of zombies, and thus, must do everything in his power to remove the mystical Black magic origins of voodoo/zombies from his films and showcase Black people operating in a highly functional manner.

There is an unwritten rule in Hollywood that Romero deemed necessary when discussing zombies, for no mentioning of Haiti and Black people’s predilection and fascination with the undead can occur in film or video gam"

Stuff Black People Don't Like, May 1, 2009 from the Internet Archive:

#170: Losing Gold Teeth: "Black people are fascinated by gold, more so than the Spanish Conquistadors of old. Black people love gold so much, that they have it fashioned to put onto their teeth, known throughout the Black community as "grillz".

A subculture has grown around this fascinating practice and has become a lucrative business for entrepreneur's hoping to affix their wares on the Black persons bicuspids.

One practitioner of the art of "grillzing" writes,

"Gold teeth are a product that has been increasingly growing over the past eight years, especially since the attention given to them from celebrities such as Nelly and Flavor Flav. Since that time, they've taken on several different names, such as gold fronts, gold caps, gold slugs, grills and grillz."

The problem for "grillz" advocates remains maintaining the integrity of said gold piece in their mouths, while using the restroom.

Recently at a Major League Baseball (MLB) game between the Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets, a woman lost one of her "grillz" in the latrine. While relieving herself, somehow her "grillz" become dislodged and ended up resting in the bowels of the commode."

Google Search Results for "Michael Thompson" at

Michael Thompson, "Jokes Now Considered "Bias-Motivated Incidents" at Northern Colorado"

"The University of Northern Colorado (UNCO) has decided it’s time to prohibit "Bias Motivated Incidents." When you hear about a “bias motivated incident,” maybe you’re thinking about a cross burning, or something of that nature. But at UNCO the “bias motivated incident” could simply be an "inappropriate joke" that is motivated by some form of bias.

The UNCO policy also says that “Any discriminatory act is a violation of the Housing & Residence Life Student Code of Conduct.” Well, what do they mean by “any discriminatory act”? According to the UNCO handbook this includes, but is not limited to, “racism, ageism, sexism, and/or homophobia.” And (get ready for this!) included in the definition is “intentionally, recklessly or negligently causing physical, emotional, or mental harm to any person."

Paul Kersey, "Nobody Kill Anybody" Fails: During First Ceasefire Weekend in 70% Black Baltimore, 15 Shot, Four Dead.

"A surplus of blackness and a paucity of whiteness. Or, more appropriately, a city dominated by the black hegemony.

Welcome to Baltimore in 2020, a 70 percent black city completely dominated by black elected/appointed officials in all aspects of the bureaucracy. Confederate memorials are all removed, streets and buildings once named in honor of dead white males have been erased, racially re-named to honor the new demographic dominating Baltimore life.

If you’ve read The City that Bleeds: Race, History, and the Death of Baltimore (and if you haven’t, get it here now!), you know the truth about Baltimore our elite have spent more than half a century trying to explain away as the fault of pernicious white people and their insidious redlining, systemic racism, and racial criminal justice system."

The Political Cesspool, "Paul Kersey, Author of "Stuff Black People Don't Like" Will Join Us Live This Satur March 5."

Michael Thompson Author Page at WND,

WND Staff, "Black-on-black murders epidemic in this city"

@MJTWND at the Internet Archive, July 14, 2016.

Angry White Men, "Daily Shoah" Hosts: Nazi Scientists and White People Should be Recognized For Space Exploration Work.

"Hidden Figures" at Wikipedia:

Eric Niiler,, "Why Civil Rights Activists Protested the Moon Landing."

Katherine Johnson, The Human Computer Project.

"Along with engineer Ted Skopinski she coauthored the 1960 report Determination of Azimuth Angle at Burnout for Placing a Satellite Over a Selected Earth Position, the equations describing the trajectories for placing the manned Mercury capsule into low-Earth orbit and returning it safely to the planet's surface, making her the Flight Research Division's first credited female author."

Skopinski and Johnson, "Determination of Azimuth Angle at Burnout for Placing a Satellite Over a Selected Earth Position"