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I Don't Speak German

Jan 8, 2019

More than two years ago, concerned about the newly resurgent fascist fringe in America and elsewhere, Daniel Harper, a lefty podcaster and online writer, started investigating the so-called 'alt-right'. 

He's gone where few other researchers have gone, and actually subjected himself to hours and hours of the many podcasts and Youtube shows produced by the multifarious people and groups who make up this pernicious and dangerous subculture.  He's listened, at length, to what they say to each other in their own spaces.  And, having done the listening so you don't have to, he's back with his reports. 

This new podcast series features Daniel in conversation with his friend and fellow podcaster Jack Graham.

Here's the first episode, on perhaps the best-known representative of the 'alt-right', Richard Spencer, his career, style, and ideology.  The episode also touches on the origins of the term 'alt-right', the infamous 'heilgate' occurance after Trump's election, etc.

We're discussing fascism and racism, so this podcast comes with big warnings.

(This is a re-edit and a re-up.)

The next episode will be on a more old-school fascist, David Duke, former Klan 'Grand Wizard' who spoke at Charlottesville.

Future episodes will continue to cover one 'topic' per show.  We plan to keep the episodes as short as possible, and crank them out regularly.




Links pertaining to the discussion:

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