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I Don't Speak German

Apr 3, 2019

Special episode this week. Daniel has a special guest, Samantha Kutner, self-described 'Proud Boy whisperer' to talk about Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys.  (Jack gets out of the way to let the grown-ups talk.)

Warnings apply, as always.


Show Notes:

Things Gavin McInnes has Written for Taki Mag

Gavin McInnes citing the '14 words' (with "western" replacing "white") 


Proud Boys as a Radicalization Vector (His Threats are echoed in articles below)  

Islamberg Conspiracy Theory  

Proud Boys Articles


What You Can Do

Get Involved With Light Upon Light & CTRL-ALT-DEL-HATE Campaign

Support the Development of the Proud Boys Incident Map and Dashboard

Proud Boys Incident Map

Defector Narrative Project

Fash Fatigue Resources


Samantha Kutner Patreon

SK Medium article on Roger Stone / Proud Boys


Twitter handles of people doing the work