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I Don't Speak German

Jun 16, 2023

We're still working on getting back up and running so in the meantime, here's an old bonus episode.  This is our March 2022 discussion of Art Spiegelman's Maus, to go with our public episode from February 2022 about the McMinn County School Board in Tennessee removing the classic graphic novel about the Holocaust from the curriculum.  Sadly, this is relevant again because yet another school board - this time in Nixa, Missouri - has targeted the book.  It's not alone either.  Nor is Maus the only classic Holocaust text being targeted.  Ann Frank's diary is in the crosshairs of Mom's For Liberty.  


Our episode about Maus and the McMinn County School Board

Auschwitz in Contemporary Popular Literature by Dr Wanda Witek-Malicka

Of Mice and Memory by Joshua Brown

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