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I Don't Speak German

Dec 21, 2021

IDSG episodes are like the proverbial bus that keeps you waiting and waiting and waiting and then turns up in multiples.  And it's definitely nothing to do with Jack having irregular jags of being in the mood to edit or anything.  Anyway, here's your latest.

For this, our combined hundredth / Christmas episode, Daniel has prepared a bevvy of clips of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha Killer Kid, pre and post verdict.  Compare and contrast his tears on the stand to those he cried in the police interview room.  Compare and contrast his claimed trauma with his concerns - as expressed to his interesting Mom - immediately post-'incident'.  Compare and contrast his attitude on Tucker Carlson's and Charlie Kirk's respective shows, to his cheeky antics as a guest on another show that Daniel has discovered in the course of his listening... 

This is not an episode calibrated to fill you with the Christmas spirit, to be honest.  But there is a point to this.  It demonstrates something, which will become evident as you listen, and be developed next episode.

Take care, everyone.  We love you.

Content Warnings.

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Show Notes:

NY Times A Fatal Night in Kenosha: How the Rittenhouse Shootings Unfolded

It Could Happen Here November 10 2021 The Rittenhouse Trial and Law Stuff

LegalEagle Kyle RIttenhouse: Murder or Self-Defense?

LegalEagle What's the Deal With Rittenhouse Judge Schroeder?

Daily Wire on Facebook, Released Video Shows Police Interrogation of Kyle Rittenhouse

Chicago Tribune, Kyle Rittenhouse Police Interview Video

Kyle Rittenhouse Speaks to Tucker Carlson in First TV Interview

Rolling Stone, Rittenhouse Continues to Bash 'Fraud' Lawyer Lin Wood on Right-Wing Media Martyr Tour

  • Rittenhouse said that his attorneys at the time, Wood and John Pierce — who now represents the “QAnon Shaman” — had “started raising funds without my family’s permission” after his arrest. “They went on to fight an extradition [to Wisconsin] using a novel argument, saying I was in a militia so John Pierce can get paid, Lin Wood can get paid and grow his business and profit, apparently,” Rittenhouse said. But they lost that battle, and Rittenhouse was moved from a juvenile facility in Illinois to an adult facility in Wisconsin. According to Rittenhouse, Wood and Pierce were not even aware he’d been moved. He later fired both and hired new legal representation.

Kyle Rittenhouse on Charlie Kirk's show with Jack Posobiec

Kyle Rittenhouse on Banfield for NewsNation

You Are Here, Chillin' WIth That One Kid From Kenosha

Angry White Men on the You Are Here hosts

Glenn Beck The REAL Villain of the Rittenhouse Story: Glenn and Kyle One on One

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