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I Don't Speak German

May 9, 2022

Jack continues to tell an increasingly (and understandably) resentful Daniel all about insidious YouTube ‘comedian’ and political commentator Jimmy Dore, detailing his ‘leftist’ or ‘progressive’ version of reactionary politics via accounts of his slimy transphobic coverage of the Lia Thomas story (leading to a bizarre open challenge to all trans man basketball players), his frothingly misogynistic coverage of Taylor Lorenz’ interview about the harassment she faces, and his insane conversation with deeply silly and unpleasant Stalinist Caleb Maupin, in which they free associate (based on a ridiculous Grayzone article) about ‘Breadtube’ being run by the CIA. Along the way, it becomes very clear to see that their version of socialism is the national kind. Also features a discussion about Libs of Tik Tok.

Content Warnings.

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Trans Swimmer Destroying Competition and Setting Records, May 20th 22 Trans Swimmer Destroying Competition And Setting Records - YouTube

Snowflake Journo Taylor Lorenz cries “victim” to silence critics - April 3rd Snowflake Journo Taylor Lorenz Cries “Victim” To Silence Critics - YouTube

Left-Wing YouTubers Co-opted By Security State, Mar 30 Left-Wing YouTubers Co-opted By Security State - YouTube

Rod Webber's raw footage from Jimmy Dore interview Jimmy Dore - Raw footage from interview - YouTube

On Lia Thomas:

Members of Penn swim team say Lia Thomas shouldn’t compete - Sports Illustrated

Why I'm Proud to Support Trans Athletes like Lia Thomas | Opinion (

Lia Thomas interview: The story of the Penn swimmer at the heart of the transgender athlete debate - Sports Illustrated

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas bows out of college sports amid continued hate (

Emily Kreps at Broad & Liberty You searched for emily kreps - Broad + Liberty (

RT article on Thomas feat. Kreps and Forstater Transgender swimmer breaks record as women ‘race for second’ — RT Sport News

Outkick covers Taylor Lorenz You searched for lorenz – OutKick

Details about Outkick from Media Bias / Fact Check OutKick Bias Rating - Media Bias/Fact Check (

Taylor Lorenz, harassment, etc

WaPo report by Lorenz on Libs of TikTok Libs of TikTok has become central to right wing politics - The Washington Post

Lorenz at Daily Beast on Instagram influencers hiding Pamela Geller connection The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller (

Rolling Stone covers Lorenz / Libs of Tik Tok / Conservative backlash Conservatives Enraged Taylor Lorenz Wrote About Libs Of TikTok - Rolling Stone

Original MSNBC report Journalists Face Online Harassment - YouTube

Grayzone / Maupin / CIA conspiracy theory

Original Grayzone article about Abigail Thorn etc Leaked files expose Syria psyops veteran astroturfing BreadTube star to counter Covid restriction critics - The Grayzone

Fred Hampton and the Young Patriots The Panthers and the Patriots (

And finally...

Bellingcat: Pro-Assad Lobby Group Rewards Bloggers On Both The Left And The Right, Sep 19 Pro-Assad Lobby Group Rewards Bloggers On Both The Left And The Right - bellingcat