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I Don't Speak German

Jul 23, 2022

In this episode, Jack is joined by special guest Rob from The Right Podcast, creator of intimidatingly detailed yet somehow also accessible and enjoyable shows covering subjects from US domestic right-wing extremism to Russian right-wing extremism, Russia and Ukraine, National Bolshevism, etc.

We have a chat about the populist US 'People's Party' - presidential candidate: Jimmy Dore - and their composition, actual politics, and internal scandals, including their recent disgraceful tweet thread of rape apologia.  

The conversation ranges over Dore and Caleb Maupin (and his tendency) to Putin and Russia, Greenwald, the 'alt-imperialist' left, the theories of Dugin and their influence, and misinformation, including Oliver Stone's disinfo 'documentary Ukraine on Fire.

Rob's channel and videos come highly recommended.

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