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I Don't Speak German

Aug 21, 2023

In this episode, Jack is honoured to be joined by special guest Teddy Wilson of the excellent substack Radical Reports.  (Links below.)  Teddy has been closely studying the US far-right, including the sinister political pressure group that calls itself Moms for Liberty, one of the prime movers in the current reactionary cultural counter-revolution going on in America.  Teddy tells Jack all about it, going into detail about M4L's aims, methods, and connections.  He also tells Jack about the interactive visualisation tool he's created at Radical Reports for tracking M4L, their activities and interactions with other people and groups on the right.  Topics covered include M4L's links to the Republican Party including DeSantis in Florida, their ideological censorship movement to expunge school libraries of anything they don't like, their links to the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, etc.  Fascinating (if ominous) stuff.

Just Jack this episode, but Daniel is on his way back.  Won't be too long now.

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Mapping Moms for Liberty - the interactive visualisation tracking tool