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I Don't Speak German

May 20, 2020

Special episode this week, as Daniel explodes the bullshit of the 'Right Stuff' / 'Daily Shoah' chuds.  Contains clips from Nazi podcasts.

Let us know how you like this new format.

Content Warning

Show Notes:

Brenton Lengel Twitter:

Nationalism Vs Antifascism Debate:

Lewontin's Fallacy at Wikipedia:

Matthew Q. Gebert identified by the SPLC.

Angry White Men covers the Daily Shoah episode from which the "Unironic Exterminationism" clip comes.

Magnus Hirschfield at Wikipedia., "How the Nazis Derailed the Medical Advances Around Sexual Reassignment Surgery." (Enoch reads this text in the episode.)

TDS446: The Adolf in the Room Full Video at Bitchute

Dario Gabbai Tells His Story.

Excerpts from Goebbel's diary entries, March 1942 at Nizkor:

Holocaust Controversies, "Goebbels on Liquidation."

Holocaust Controversies, Index of Published Evidence of Gas Chambers at Auschwitz.

IDSG episodes 9, 16 and 17