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I Don't Speak German

Aug 30, 2020

The final (for now) part of of coverage of the IDW's Weinstein brothers.  Back to Eric, with special reference to his boss Peter Thiel and the Gawker affair, Eric's response to Becca Lewis' Alternative Influence Report, and to Eric's thoughts on BLM and the current protests. 

Warnings Apply.



Owen Thomas, Gawker, "Peter Thiel is Totally Gay, People."

Derek Thompson, The Atlantic, "The Most Expensive Comment in Internet History?"

Steven W. Thrasher, "Peter Thiel's Gawker War Not His First Brush With a High-Priced Vendetta."

Maureen O'Connor, Gawker. "Christina Hendricks Says THese Giant Naked Boobs Aren't Hers, But Everything Else Is."

Maureen O'Connor, Gawker, "Olivia Munn's Super Dirty Alleged Naked Pics.""

Bollea v. Gawker at Wikipedia:

Rebecca Lewis, "Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube."

Full PDF:

Eric Weinstein abuses Becca Lewis on Twitter:

Dave Rubin, "What Is the Future of the Intellectual Dark Web?"

Eric Weinstein, "Some Thoughts on Wokeness and Shame in light of events."