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I Don't Speak German

Oct 7, 2020

This time, Jack and Daniel delve into the cesspool that is the barking, beanie-wearing, bollocks-talker Tim Pool.  Prepare for a small avalanche of weapons grade stupid from YouTube's favourite reactionary propagandist pretending to be a centrist or something.

Content Warning.

Links / Notes:

CV Vitolo “Haddad”: Another Academic Racial Fraud?

The CV Dossier:

Inside Higher Ed, "Fresno State Pulls CV Vitolo-Haddad's Job Offer."

Timcast YouTube:

Timcast News YouTube:

Timcast IRL YouTube:

SCNR YouTube:

Tim Pool: Day at a Chicago Warehouse:

Tim Pool calls into the Majority Report, November 2011.

Christopher Robbins, Gothamist, "Is OWS Livestreamer Snitching Or Reporting?"

"Is that his job? To hold people accountable? "Well," Pool pauses. "That's not my decision to make. That's the majority's decision. I will say that in the case of last night, I'm not advocating anyone to go after this person."

"But it does offend me when people say I'm putting them at risk. If you throw a bottle at the police, you're putting people at risk. When two innocent people who were doing nothing get arrested because you threw the bottle, that's putting people at risk. I'm going to hold those people accountable." "

Tim Pool at

Vic Berger thread on Tim Pool:

James Allsup and Tim Pool, June 2017.

Thought Slime, "Hats Off to Tim Pool."

Cassandra Fairbanks Telegram:

Jose, "Diving Into the Shallow End, My Week With Tim Pool (Part 1)"

Jose, ""Diving Into the Shallow End, My Week With Tim Pool (Part 2)"

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Tim Pool, Phony Liberal by Abe Gaustad