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I Don't Speak German

Nov 23, 2020

In this episode, the first of a two-parter, Daniel tells Jack all about the new 25 Point Program of the National Justice Party, the latest venture from Mike Enoch and the Right Stuff rabble, and their hope of peeling away support from disaffected leftists using 'Third Position' rhetoric.  Daniel starts going through the program point-by-point, analysing its hypocrisies and contradictions.  The 'left' rhetoric is exposed by comparison with genuine left ideas and principles.  To be continued... soon.

Content Warnings.

Links / Notes:

National Justice Party:

National Justice Party Platform:

Mike Enoch/Peinovich "The Way Forward" Speech:

Strike and Mike Episode 137: (unavailable because it's paywall content, can't imagine why)

Bernie Sanders Rally Ann Arbor March 8, 2020. AOC arrives around 1:14:00.

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Jack's article about why fascism and socialism are different things, including stuff about fascists appropriating left rhetoric: