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I Don't Speak German

Dec 20, 2021

Let all persons having any manner of business before this venerable podcast gather ye forth and giveth your attention!  Closing in on the end of 2021 and their hundredth episode, Daniel and Jack talk about the Sines vs. Kessler trial (the civil trial of the Unite the Right organisers etc), the way in which the far-right (including the defendants) have conceptualised it, the long-awaited aftermath in the wake of the verdict (which dropped just before Thanksgiving), and the reactions and attitudes to the whole thing among the far-right, including lots of inexplicably buoyant Cantwell lunacy.


Content Warnings.

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Show Notes:

Cold Open -- Lose to the Crying Nazi

Sines v. Kessler docket

Unicorn Riot, Unite The Right On Trial in Charlottesville

Former Identity Evropa Organizer Tells Secrets In Trial Deposition

Bottom of the Barrel: Charlottesville Trial Defense Attorneys Spread Antisemitism

  • Joshua Smith, one of the attorneys, is representing Matthew Heimbach, Matthew Parrott, and the Traditionalist Worker Party, a neo-nazi group that helped put on Unite the Right in 2017. Calling in remotely to cross-examine a witness on November 11, Smith went on a meandering digression about so-called ‘ethnostates’. He claimed that expert witness and sociologist, Peter Simi, was ‘anti-white’ because he wouldn’t address Smith’s view that China and Singapore are ‘ethnostates’, and falsely said that white people are responsible for most advances in civilization and technology.
  • When trying to confuse jurors about sociological concepts like in-groups and out-groups, Smith asked Simi if Hillary Clinton was white supremacist, and soon after he told Judge Norman Moon that cross-examinations can be “conversations” with witnesses, before sheepishly admitting his scattered tangents were “trying to keep it lively for everybody.”
  • Another attorney in the Charlottesville lawsuit trial, Cincinnati-based, James E. Kolenich, is an antisemitic far-right Catholic. Kolenich told the Cincinnati Enquirer in 2018 that his motives in this case were simple: “My willingness to get involved is to oppose Jewish influence in society.” He questioned the accuracy of long-accepted scholarship about the death toll of the Holocaust: “You can’t call the Jew Holocaust into question, right? […] Christians really shouldn’t fall for that. The Holocaust is the execution, the crucifixion of Christ. The most important event in human history is His Resurrection, not, this Jewish Holocaust even if it did happen.”
  • Kolenich is part of a Catholic splinter tendency that rejects 20th century reforms barring antisemitic theology, telling the Cincannati Enquirer, “The last such council [to modify the Catholic faith] was Vatican II or as we call it, Vatican Jew.” He believes all popes since Vatican II are illegitimate “anti-popes.”

Bryan J. Jones, LLC

From Unicorn Riot Day 16 Rush Transcript

  • Spencer: I want to refer you now to the “rant from hell”…it was characterized by Ms. Dunn as a speech… do you remember the context of that rant?… tell us a little about the context…
  • Kessler: the only thing I recall before that…
  • Spencer: where was it, who was there
  • Kessler: Somewhere in the countryside… in an afterparty, at a house, we went in a room to discuss, people were panicking after the car attack
  • Spencer: how many people were there?
  • Kessler: 10 or less
  • Spencer: would you characterize that as a speech…?
  • Kessler: I think ‘rant’ is applicable
  • Spencer: it was a private conversation is a private room… how did that outburst reach the light of day?
  • Kessler: someone recorded it and released it to Milo Yiannopoulos
  • Spencer: did you record it?
  • Kessler: no
  • Spencer: who recorded it…does Dave Reilly ring a bell?
  • Kessler: yeah, thats the guy
  • Spencer: is Milo…is he a fan of Richard Spencer…?
  • Kessler: it was meant to embarrass you, I think…
  • Spencer: when that was released… in the fall of 2019…does that sound right?
  • Kessler: i don’t recall
  • Spencer: in the tweet where you say “Richard Spencer is a sociopathic narcissist”… when did you determine I was a sociopathic narcissist?
  • Kessler: …I remember the first time I met you, you just made my skin crawl… you were slimy, you seemed inhuman, like a robot or a serial killer…

Jonathan M. Katz, Auf weidersehen, alt-right

C-ville Writers, Payback Time

Neil Kumar at VDARE, Sines V. Kessler: The First Amendment No Longer Applies to Whites

Macy Moors CBS19. Heather Heyer's Mom Reacts to Partial Verdict

Idavox, Charlottesville After Sines v. Kessler: Victory Means KEEP THE PRESSURE ON


Molly's Trial Coverage Day One Jury Selection

Day Two Jury Selection

Day Three Jury Selection

Day Four Opening Arguments

Day Five Plaintiff's first two witnesses

Emily Gorcenski and Molly Conger. White Supremacists Have Returned to Charlottesville in Another Attempt to ‘Unite the Right’

Christopher Cantwell opening statement

Molly Day Six Trial Coverage Devin cross-examination

Molly Day Seven Trial Coverage

Molly Day Eight Trial Coverage Heimbach, Lipstadt, Kline video deposition

Molly Day Nine Trial Coverage Kline video deposition continued, Spencer testifies, cross by Cantwell.

Molly Day Ten Trial Coverage Cantwell cross of Spencer continued, Ike Baker deposition from LoS, Michael Hill of LoS, Thomas Baker (plaintiff) testimony

Molly Day Eleven Trial Coverage Dillon Hopper deposition, Michael Tubbs, Plaintiff Marissa Blair, Nazi cheering session, Cantwell cross of Blair, More Tubbs, Deposition testimony of Thomas Rousseau, deposition testimony from Vasillos Pistolis.

Molly Day Twelve Trial Coverage Plaintiff Chelsea Alvarado, Matt Parrot, Cantwell and Parrot teaching Nazi humor to the jury, Parrot rebuttal by defense attorneys.

Molly Day Thirteen Trial Coverage Plaintiff Marcus Martin, Plaintiff Seth Wispelwey, defendant Nathan Damigo, Michael Chesny deposition.

Molly Day Fourteen Trial Coverage

Molly Day Fifteen Trial Coverage

Molly Day Sixteen Trial Coverage

  • Possible broken thread, coverage begins here. Schoep rebuttal continued, Kessler testimony, Spencer cross of Kessler, Cantwell cross of Kessler. Cantwell called. Spencer cross of Cantwell.

Molly Day Seventeen Trial Coverage Cantwell cross continued, Cantwell crosses himself, Daley video deposition, Brad Griffen video deposition, Cantwell Conspiracy Theories, Plaintiffs rest, Rule 50s proposed, Rule 50s denied, Spencer defense, Bloch impeachment of Spencer, Campbell for Fields rests, Kolenich on behalf of Kessler, Damigo, IE, rests, Cantwell defense, Bloch cross of Cantwell (again), flurry of pre-5pm activity.

Molly Day Eighteen Trial Coverage.

Molly Day Nineteen Trial Coverage Closing arguments

Molly Day Twenty Trial Coverage Basically nothing, jury deliberations.

Molly Day Twenty-One Trial Coverage More jury deliberations.

Molly Day Twenty-Two Trial Coverage Verdict