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I Don't Speak German

Jan 11, 2021

Daniel and Jack respond to the Jan 6th 2021 attack/coup-attempt on the Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

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Dec 30, 2020

And so 2020 - notable mostly for being IDSG's second year - comes to an end.  This time, in a change to the advertised program, and with apologies for our absence throughout most of this last month, we return with another of our period movie discussion episodes, this time looking at D. W. Griffith's epic,...

Dec 5, 2020

The first in a two part series on Tom Metzger (deceased), former Grand Dragon of the California Klan turned Neo-Nazi, pioneer of using cable-TV for propaganda and hate music to recruit young people. 

Content Warnings.

This episode is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Mulugeta Seraw.


Louis Meets the...

Nov 28, 2020

Part 2 of our look at the National Justice Party's 25 Point Program, with special attention paid to ecofascist rhetoric. 

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Part 1 pf this discussion:

National Justice Party:

National Justice...

Nov 23, 2020

In this episode, the first of a two-parter, Daniel tells Jack all about the new 25 Point Program of the National Justice Party, the latest venture from Mike Enoch and the Right Stuff rabble, and their hope of peeling away support from disaffected leftists using 'Third Position' rhetoric.  Daniel starts going through...