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I Don't Speak German

Jun 26, 2019

Another departure for the show as Daniel and Jack chat about Sam Harris, inexplicably popular professional atheist, Intellectual Dark Webber, thought-experimenter, devil's advocate, mysteriously perennial victim of malicious context-removal, and definitely not a member of the far-right.

Seriously... Sam Harris is not a...

Jun 13, 2019

Another great guest this week.  Daniel is joined by CV Vitolo-Haddad to talk about sex, gender, misogyny, and transmisogyny on the far right.

(Note: This is late; sorry about that.  Also, we encountered technical difficulties with this one.  It's been cleaned up as much as possible and is perfectly listenable if you're...

Jun 5, 2019

Samantha Kutner returns to talk about Gavin McInnes again, including his book and some of his influences.

Warnings apply.

NOTE 23/8/20: Since original publication this episode has been edited to remove references to an organisation with which Samantha Kutner is no longer affiliated.  Links have also been removed from...