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I Don't Speak German

May 28, 2020

This time, we chat about our previous episode, '52: Genocide and The Right Stuff'.  Hopefully more interesting that it sounds. 

Content Warning.

IDSG episodes 9, 16 and

May 20, 2020

Special episode this week, as Daniel explodes the bullshit of the 'Right Stuff' / 'Daily Shoah' chuds.  Contains clips from Nazi podcasts.

Let us know how you like this new format.

Content Warning

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Nationalism Vs Antifascism Debate:

May 12, 2020

This time, Daniel and Jack consider the 2001 film Conspiracy, a dramatisation of the infamous Wannsee Conference, a wartime meeting of Third Reich officials on the subject of the 'final solution to the Jewish question'.

Content Warnings.


Wannsee Conference Wikipedia Entry:

May 5, 2020

Jack returns to the podcast to chat with Daniel about Michelle Malkin, reactionary star since the War on Terror era, who recently started snuggling up to Nick Fuentes and the Groypers.  Plus a bit of chat about the old coronavirus and the recent protests, including the armed 'storming' of the capital statehouse...