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I Don't Speak German

Sep 30, 2022

Special guest Rob from The Right Podcast (@TheRightPodcast) returns to tell Jack all about Stewart Rhodes and The Oath Keepers - seen like a rash all over American fascist activity from Ferguson to January 6th - with special attention to their deep roots and influences in the Tea Party explosion of the Obama era, the...

Sep 29, 2022

With apologies for our long absence (we've both had non-Covid health problems) and assurances of our continued commitment to the show, here is a new episode in which Daniel chats with brilliant special guest Amanda Rogers (@MsEntropy on Twitter) about terrible Tom Metzger, his importance to the far-right movement,...

Sep 28, 2022

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In case you hadn't heard, an old lady died and her unpleasant elderly son became her.  Or something?  Anyway,...