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I Don't Speak German

Feb 21, 2024

Our latest X Space with our friend Eiynah Muhammed Smith. (@nicemangos (2) Eiynah ( — Bluesky )

Discussing the dystopian propaganda around Israel's ongoing genocidal assault on Gaza, from racist Twitter 'hasbara' to IDF TikTok / Insta, to Israeli influencers' skits about Palestinians faking their suffering.

Also featuring Dr Caitlin Greene the linguist and tracker of Steven Pinker, etc. 


Israeli military’s TikTok attempt to make propaganda cool | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

The Israeli army is on TikTok. It's as bad as you'd expect (

Israeli Defense Forces Soldiers Embrace Thirst Traps on TikTok (

Natalia Fadeev: Israeli Influencer's Gaza Instagram Draws Outrage (

Israeli Influencers Are Mocking Palestinians Suffering in Gaza (

Propaganda images/memes we discussed in the beginning

T-Rex Costume, bombs and techno, dancing on a tank

Bill Maher’s poorly aged Burqa bit

Contrasts: Fine dining scene vs. Starving population

Lifestyle piece on IDF soldiers cooking in the kitchens of Gazans

IDF using Human Shields: