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I Don't Speak German

Mar 26, 2019

Slightly lighter fare this week (everything being relative) as Daniel tells Jack about how the far-right have seen Donald Trump, from the rise of the romance through to the fall, via the fluctuating feelings of the hosts of the 'Fash the Nation' podcast.

As always, warnings apply.

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Show Notes:

Cantwell banned from Gab

Fash the Nation

Fash the Nation interviews Tila Tequila

Fash the Nation David Duke

Fash the Nation Paul Nehlen

Jazzhands McFeels on the Radical Agenda in 2015

Enoch, Jazzhands, Allsup, Sven, etc 2018 Midterm coverage

Fash the Nation deletes its archives after Enoch/Dunstant doxxing

White Hot Takes "Fash the Nation" (To the tune of Human League "Fascination"

Svenpai "Right Wing Death Squads" (To the tune of Live "Lightning Crashes."

Spencer/Enoch at Syria protest

Trump's Far-Right Supporters Turn on Him Over Syria Strike

Brad Griffin talks Andrew Yang at the Political Cesspool, 3/23/19

Yang Gang Explained at Rolling Stone