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I Don't Speak German

Mar 13, 2022

In rank defiance of all the various conflicting things we've told you Episode 105 would be about, here is an episode about 2015's (and sadly also 2022's) Lauren Southern (lying, untruth-telling nazi liar-nazi) and the mainstreaming and normalising thereof. 

In this episode we consider Lauren's career (in brief, owing to the fact that chronicling her trail of lies and evil acts has become something of a cottage industry for the online left), her departure from politics and regrettable return, her ostensible changed nature (lol), her pub-excluding ideological lenses, and her sitcom life which comes complete with eccentric stereotype boyfriend, slapstick boat adventures and rollerblading accidents, and snarky one-liner strewn bickering with her mismatched (or is he really so mismatched?) buddy 'Destiny'.

We take a stop-off with fan-favourites Posobiec, Elijah Shaffer, and (by mention) Rittenhouse, via Lauren's lie-filled 'documentary' Crossfire.  We listen in on Lauren's conversation with Nicky-Boy Fuentes' old friend (turned undeadly enemy) James Allsup back at the time of Unite the Right.  Then we also pop in on Lauren's friendly and boozy and giggly stint as a guest of our old 'person we talked about' Tim Pool.  It is possible that unflattering nicknames were mentioned, and not just Tim's.  We then round it off with some seriously nerdy shit.  Elvish swords at the ready for the protection of pan-Western civilisation or some such stupid bollocks.

Content Warnings, of course.  


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Episode Notes:

Lauren Southern YouTube

Lauren Southern Alt-Censored

Lauren Southern in Lakemba, Australia, 2018

Why the Alt-Right’s Most Famous Woman Disappeared

  • We were sitting together in her living room, while she scripted a video, when her new boyfriend emerged from the bedroom. George Hutcheson, who was 30 at the time, runs a Canadian group called Students for Western Civilization, which works to “advance the interests of European peoples.” Her most recent boyfriends had also been adherents of far-right ideologies. She had nearly gotten engaged to a prominent conspiracy theorist, and had had an on-again-off-again fling with a Croatian neo-Nazi. “Maybe I’m too picky,” she’d mused before Hutcheson joined us on her IKEA couch. In appearance, Hutcheson is the caricature of the Aryan ideal. His undercut haircut, known in the alt-right as the fashy(short for fascist), and his fit, thick, soldier-like frame give him a Teutonic air. He and Southern decided to go out to dinner, and to let me film them. Hutcheson refuses to eat food originally from nonwhite countries, such as ketchup, whose origins are in China, so the two, facing limited restaurant options, chose the British-style Oxley Public House in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood.

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