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I Don't Speak German

Oct 29, 2023

Oooooo-wooooo!  Wokeness is Scary!

In this little Halloween bonus, Jack joins friend of the pod Eiynah Mohammed-Smith, and Dr Caitilin Green, for a special spooky space over at cursed nazi chan board X.  Recorded October 27th 2023.  Please excuse the usual sound quality issues.

We talk about right-wing and IDW-type panics over woke Halloween costumes, concerns about cultural appropriation, etc.  To quote Eiynah's write-up: "We discuss Bill Maher, Steven Crowder, Yale professors Nicholas & Erika Christakis & their calls for students to ‘look away’ from ‘offensive Halloween costumes’, U of Oregon Professor Nancy Shurtz who wore blackface at a party that students attended ….all this and more."

As always, thanks to everyone who turned up to listen and contribute.