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I Don't Speak German

Jan 15, 2019

In our second episode, Daniel tells Jack all about former KKK Grand Wizard, "king of the angry Facebook grampas", and man who wrote an autobiography that it then took him 42 hours to record himself reading, 'Dr' David Duke.


Show Notes

Richard Spencer Errata:

On Spencer's connections

On the plausible domestic assault allegations against RS


David Duke:

Southern Policy Law Centre: Extremist Files entry on DD

Book: Blood and Politics

Duke on Donahue 1992

Duke leaves the Kan 1980, founds NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)

David Duke is talking over everyone

My Awakening (DD's autobiography) (PDF)

My Awakening audiobook version

Dating David Duke

David Duke wrote a sex-help book called "Finders Keepers" in 1976.

David Duke and Mike Enoch speak at Unite the Right

David Duke sentenced for tax and mail fraud, serves 15 months in 2003

Book: The Rise of David Duke